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B. Sc. (Prog.)

Co-ordinator in-charge: Dr. Anjana Rustagi (Department of Botany) & Dr. Anita (Department of Physics)

The learning outcomes-based curriculum framework for a B.Sc. (Prog.) is intended to provide a comprehensive foundation to the subject, and to help students develop the ability to successfully continue with further studies and research in the subject in two major streams.

  • B.Sc. (Prog) degree in Life Science: Botany, Zoology, Chemistry
  • B.Sc. (Prog) degree in Physical Science: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics

The framework is designed to equip students with valuable cognitive abilities and skills so that they are successful in meeting diverse needs of professional careers in a developing and knowledge-based society. The curriculum framework takes into account the need to maintain globally competitive standards of achievement in term of the knowledge and skills. From the collaborative teaching and interactions from these different departments, students get the best possible opportunity to explore their potential.



Zenith: The B.Sc. Programme Association

Zenith Association is an elected body for Life science and Physical sciences students which is responsible for coordination between the college and its students. From acting as the students’ voice and ensuring that each student gets the best out of their college experience, the Union works with the elected representatives of the courses to make each  event and functioning of the association a grand success.

Faculty Member: B. Sc. (Prog.) Department