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The Department of Chemistry believes in holistic education and looking beyond the curriculum.

The year 2016-17 was particularly significant for the Department of Chemistry as it commemorated the Golden Jubilee of establishment of the Department of Chemistry and Silver Jubilee of inception of Chemistry honours course.
The main activities organized were:

  • An extremely well attended National Conference on "Combating Industrial Pollution for Sustainable Environment - A fusion of Scientific and Environmental Efforts"
  • Inter college workshop for training of laboratory staff
  • Yusuf Hameid Inspirational Programme for school teachers in collaboration with Royal Society of Chemistry, North India section
  • Lectures by eminent scientists including Prof. S. Chndrasekaran, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Prof. V.S. Parmar, Visiting Professor, U.SA.
  • Inter college workshop on Green Chemistry
  • Career Counselling session with alumnae
  • Celebration of World Biofuel Day and International Ozone Day through quiz, declamation and poster making
  • Inter college science Festival - 'Scintillations' - Chemistry department hosted Science Quiz and Fun in Lab and arranged lectures by Dr. G. S. Sodhi, S.G.T.B. Khalsa college and Prof. M.K. Pandit, Head, Department of Environmental Studies and Dean Faculty of Science.
  • Dr. C.K. Khurana Memorial lecture (in memory of our founder member) by Dr. R.K. Parashar, Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi
  • Industrial visit to Uflex, Noida
  • Alumnae Reunion where 134 alumnae from all over India and abroad attended
  • Degree distribution to students of 2014 - 17 batch ( we are the only department to have this ceremony.

Faculty Member: Chemistry Department

Dr. Sushmita Chaudhary, PhD (DU)

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Dr. Anita Chugh, PhD (DU)

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Dr. Keya Banerjee, PhD (DU), (Teacher-in Charge)

Dr. Uttara Dutta, PhD (DU)

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Dr. Sushma Bhan, PhD (DU)

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Dr. Rita Bhatla, PhD (Punjab University)

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Dr. Chandana Mukherjee, PhD (DU)

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Dr. B. Vaijayanthi, PhD (DU)

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Dr. Renu Aggarwal, PhD (DU)

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Dr. Manju Kumari Saroj

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Dr. M. Sarath Babu

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Dr. Geeta Saini

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Dr. Nisha Saini

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Dr. Beena

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Dr. Niyati Singh

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Dr. Tripti Kumari

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Dr. Neha Sharma

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Ms. Chingrishon Kathing

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Ms. Salma Khan

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Dr. Taruna Singh, (Adhoc)

Dr. Manisha Singla, (Adhoc)

Ms. Himani Chauhan, (Adhoc)

Dr. Garima Khanna, (Adhoc)

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