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English (Honours) is an impactful undergraduate course that takes students through the best in world literatures. The syllabus is rigorous in its coverage of important literary texts and landmarks and thus stands students in good stead in their future professional endeavours. Papers range from Indian and Western classical traditions to lively and immediate contemporary authors; students will read widely in different
genres including poetry, plays, novels, besides acquiring critical thinking skills that will enable and empower them academically and personally.
Students after graduation go for further study (MA/MPhil/PhD) in literature, and to careers in teaching (at school, college and university-level), in media and mass communication (journalism, film, advertising), publishing (writing, editing, translating), public relations management and also to lateral fields like social work, law, management via masters' study in these fields. The sound thinking and writing skills students again over three years is also a good foundation for competitive tests, management studies and civil services.
The faculty is resourceful and includes in its gamut scholars and writers. The Department teaches English to students of all courses, including those in the science, commerce, arts and education streams, besides tutoring MA students. Over and above the syllabus, the Department offers a Bridge course to help English (Honours) students from all school backgrounds (State/ICSE/CBSE) make a happy transition to the specialized demands of undergraduate study. Besides this Bridge course, we offer Remedial English teaching to students of any discipline who seek help in gaining the necessary English language skills to be successful in their own disciplines. Department resources include the 3,000+ volume Oswal Sena Library,
which offers students access to a world of books beyond the curriculum.
The Department has an exciting co-curricular calendar of varied activities, including an annual national seminar and literary festival, series of lectures and interactions with eminent academicians, creative writers and creative, besides workshops and co-curricular skill-building sessions on different themes like creative writing, editing, translation and the like. Our department magazine, Bitacora, provides an independent forum for both creative expression and training in skills such as copy- and content-editing. Film-screenings, play performances and educational visits provide students with additional cultural exposure. A portfolio of activities designed to encourage student creativity and understanding of their discipline, like quizzes and literary competitions keep things stimulating.

Faculty Member: English Department

Dr. Aneeta Rajendran (PhD)(JNU)

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Dr. Anjana N. Dev, PhD. (IIT Delhi)

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Dr. P. V. Haseena (Adhoc)

Dr. Shatarupa Sinha, PhD (Jamia Millia Islamia)

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Dr. Sutapa Dutta, PhD (JNU)

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Mr Maisnam Arnapal (Adhoc)

Mr Mohit Abrol (Adhoc)

Mr. Sahin Shah (Adhoc)

Mr. Sameer Chopra (Adhoc)

Mr. Suraj Agarwal (Adhoc)

Ms Ammu Jeyakirthana (Adhoc)

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Ms Neha Khurana (Adhoc)

Ms. Arunima Das, M.Phil (Guwahati)

Ms. Mudita Mohile, M.Phil (DU), (Teacher-in-Charge)

Ms. Nzanmongi Patton M.Phil (DU)

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Ms. Pragya Gupta, M.Phil (DU)

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Ms. Rajkumari Smejita Devi, M.Phil (DU)

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Ms. Sakshi Dogra (Adhoc)

Ms. Vidya Das Arora, M. Phil (DU), [Superannuated]

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