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A study of history at the undergraduate level familiarizes students with the contours of Indian and WorldHistory and gives them an understanding of the nature of history as a discipline The course enablesstudents to pursue a career in education, civil services, research, journalism, law, media, travel andtourism. It also provides an opportunity to pursue specific courses in archaeology, numismatics,epigraphy, museology, heritage management and archival studies. It will acquaint you with the History ofIndia (Ancient, Medieval and Modern) and also of Europe, the East Asia, the USSR and the United States ofAmerica.

The Department has an extremely specialized faculty. Our faculty members have developed expertise in particular areas of Indian and World History. Papers are distributed keeping in mind the period of specialization and area knowledge of the teachers concerned.

The core papers offered at the Honours level are as follows- History of India, and medieval World, SocialFormation and Cultural Patterns of the Medieval World, The Rise of the Modern West (mid 15th Century to the American Revolution), History of the USA (circa 1776-1945), History of the USSR (circa 1917-1964),
History of East Asia, History of Modern Europe (circa 1780-1939), Gender in Indian History,Environmental Issues in India. Under the CBCS skill enhancement courses like Understanding Heritageand Indian Art and Architecture are offered.

Regular lectures and tutorials are supplemented by trips to the National Museum, and places of historical

interest in Delhi. In addition, the department also tries every year to organise an outstation trip to locations of historical interest. Last year the students were taken on a trip to Jaipur and Agra. The department also organises lectures and seminars by leading historians and academics; students even get to hear scholars from other cities/states/countries who happen to be visiting Delhi. In addition, an annual festival, Antaraal, not only combines academic and extra-curricular activities, it also offers students a chance to participate in a number of events like paper-presentations, debates and quizzes besides helping them to develop organisational skills.

Department activities include

  • Lectures by eminent speakers
  • Annual History Festival called "Antaraal"
  • Seminars/workshops
  • Film Screenings
  • Educational trips to historical sites


Faculty Member: History Department

Dr. Manjushree Singh, PhD (DU), [Superannuated]

Ms. Deeksha Bhardwaj, M. Phil. (DU), (Teacher-in Charge)

Dr. Alka Saikia, PhD (JNU)

Dr. Megha Shukla (Adhoc)

Mr. Piyush Yadav (Adhoc)

Dr. Ruchika Sharma (Adhoc)

Dr. Pragati Burman (Adhoc)

Mr. Shashi bhushan gupta (Adhoc)