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Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems like, where the world comes from, how the earth was formed, does god exist, did god create the world or has the world been in existence eternally,how is it that man thinks, what is the relation between brain and thought, what is the relation between will and ability…..etc. In its broader aspects philosophy examines the various kinds of existence and their interrelationships, in metaphysics; the nature and validity of knowledge, in epistemology and logic; and the nature of value, in ethics and aesthetics.

So, the objective of this subject is to make you read, think, research and critically analyse the world around you. It helps you obtain a self-consistent understanding of things observed. Philosophy helps students prepare for careers in education, research, mass communication, journalism, social work, law, film appreciation, civil services, management studies and gender studies.

Apart from the honours course in philosophy, we offer interdisciplinary papers (GE) as well as skill enhancement courses (SEC) for other honours courses and B.A. Programme. Some of them are: Ethics in Public Domain, Logic, Feminism, Bio-ethics, Inductive Logic, Technology and Ethics, Ethical Decision Making, Yoga Philosophy, Critical Thinking, Art and Film Appreciation, and Philosophical Thought of Ambedkar.

Departmental Activities

  • Mimamsa-Philosophy Society is a platform exclusively for philosophical discussions and debates open for participants from all disciplines including students and teachers.
  • Gnosis-Philosophy Newsletter published annually for the students and by the students. This year Gnosisexpressed"Emotions" through acollectionofarticles,sketches,artworksandpoems.
  • Dialectica-Annual Philosophy Festival based on the theme "Philosophising Food", this year's discourse was aimed at discussing the nuances of the ethics of food production, distribution and wastage; and what role (and to what extent) does philosophy play in our perception and approach
    towards problems related to food.
  • Guest Lectures by eminent scholars: This year we organized an Indo-German guest lecture on Philosophy of Science to encourage interdisciplinary studies. Prof. Sandra P Klevansky, Director, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Heidelberg, Germany, addressed the students of Philosophy and Science.
  • During the academic session our students attended international documentary festival at Siri Fort and also visited National Gallery of Modern Art.
  • Film/Documentary screenings.


Faculty Member: Philosophy Department

Dr. Deepika Chatterjee, PhD (DU)

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Dr. Rekha Navneet, PhD (DU)

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Dr. Pallavi Vaid, PhD (DU)

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Dr. Rashmi Bhardwaj, PhD (DU)

Dr. Purnima Agrawal PhD (DU), (Teacher-in-Charge)

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Ms Saachi (Adhoc)

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Mohd. Inamul Haq (Adhoc)

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