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Attendance Requirements

Gargi College strictly follows the ordinance laid down by the University of Delhi on attendance requirement as prerequisite for taking the semester/annual examination. Hence admission seekers and their guardians are requested to make a note of this. Please note the following:
  • Attendance will be marked from the opening day of the college.
  • You are not allowed to join any additional course/job during college hours.
  • Compulsory attendance of 66.6% is required in the total for all courses in Theory/ Practical/Tutorial Classes as per rules laid down by the University of Delhi. Those who fail to secure the mandatory attendance will be DETAINED in the semester/final examination. All short of attendance details will be available with course/department in-charge as well as college website. Individual letters will not be sent. Marks will be given to those whose attendance is more than 66.6%.
  • Medical Certificates/reports with the prescribed medical leave application form (available in the college office) should be submitted within a week of rejoining college after illness, duly signed by the subject teachers. Certificates submitted late will not be accepted.
  • Admission seekers who have health problems that may require timely medical intervention are requested to intimate the college in advance regarding action to be taken in an emergency.
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