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Awards & Accolades

Certificate of Recognition 2020

Exemplary leadership in Education and for the development of strong Career learning Environment presented by World Education Review and India International Education Council

National Environmental Education and Awareness Award

Gargi College received the National Environmental Education and Awareness Award by the Indian Institute of Ecology and Environment

Green campus Compendum 2019

Gargi college was the only DU college chosen by CSE (Centre for Science and Environment) for ‘Incubation, Experimentation and Demonstration of a Green Future’. At the national level only 5 institutions were chosen by CSE for publication of their work on green practices in higher education institutions and Gargi College was one of them.

World Award for Value Education 2020

International Felicitation by World Award for value education (SAVE) selection commiittee, Indian Institute of Ecology and Environment

Certificate of Appreciation CanSupport 2016

Certificate of Appreciation for Global fight against cancer presented by CanSupport's Walk for Life

Certificate of Appreciation Ashwin Maharaj foundation 2019

Recognition for particiaption in the music sessions/volunteer work for cancer patients by The Ashwin Maharaj foundation

KPMG Business and Ethics Grant 2020

Business and Ethics Grant by KPMG International Ltd.

Best Collaborative Entry Award 2020

Enactus Cares: Ideas for Impact 2020 by Enactus India

Recognition Award by Enactus 2019

Recognition Award in India National Symposium and Competition by Enactus India

2nd prize NITI aayog’s Poster making 2018

2nd Prize in Poster Making Competition on theme- Empower women in every phase of life organised by NITI Aayog's Women Entrepreneurship Platform and Office of International Programmes, University of Delhi in 2018

Green Campus Award 2017

International Felicitation by Women's agency for generating Environment in view to location Universities, colleges, institutions and schools having a green and a clean campus with pollution free environment

Best Managed Campus Award 2017

Felicitation for best managed campus by International Association of Educators for world Peace

Certificate of Appreciation by CanSupport 2019

Certificate of Appreciation for Global fight against cancer by CanSupport's Walk for Life 2019

Spiritual and Value Education (SAVE) Award

Gargi College conferred as a dedicated Colleges in the NCR concentrating on spiritual and value education for the students as well as teachers.

SEBI Excellence Award 2023

SEBI Excellence Award 2023