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The Gargi College Centre for Diversity and Inclusion was set up in June 2020 with the intention of working actively to inculcate empathy in our students and make them aware of the diversity of not only their peers but also the community that they inhabit. This is in keeping with international best practices of educational institutions and a model we aspire to emulate, in keeping with Gargi's proud traditions of preparing our students to become good citizens of the world and don mantles of leadership in whatever field they choose to enter after graduation. We are a part of society which is constantly evolving and is highly diverse in nature. In such times, the distinguished and democratic institutions of the country, such as the likes of Gargi, need to have active representation from all the different minorities that house them. A widely accepted structure among the most prestigious educational institutions all across the globe, Diversity Centres serve this purpose by drawing attention to the needs and concerns of the minorities in their respective spaces. Having a formal structure in place for the minorities will provide them with the agency to organise events that will initiate important democratic interactions. This will further invite several perspectives, giving the students of Gargi a chance to push their boundaries, helping them grow and providing a sense of collectiveness along with increasing their understanding of the social issues that prevail in our society. This initiative will serve as a common platform that helps the students to look at important issues from various perspectives and work empathetically towards them in a more holistic way. We have a model of affiliation of the existing societies in the college that are already working actively in this field: The Equal Opportunity Cell; The Enabling Unit; The North East Society and Izhaar. Along with them we have also affiliated a Club that seeks to address issues of gender orientation and belonging - The White Rose Club. While each of the existing societies continues to work independently with their individual student and teacher committees, this Centre will be the common umbrella under which we could meaningfully engage with the issues that are of great interest and importance for our students and organise events accordingly, with a common event every year to synergise our common goal - celebrating individual differences. Our primary aim is to sensitise the students and indeed all stake holders of Gargi, towards acceptance without pre conceived notions clouding their judgments. The Centre will also act as a safe space for all the members, facilitating their mental health and helping them achieve a holistic and happy life. This is a great milestone in the journey of our college, towards the enrichment and empowerment of all our students.