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Innovation Projects


GC302: A green and sustainable chemistry laboratory: A distant dream or a reality

PI: Dr. Indu Tucker Sidhwani, Dr. Sushmita Chowdhury, Dr. Veena Tucker


GC303: Eco-biotechnological approaches for biowaste utilisation: Biopolymer and biofuel

PI: Dr. Shashi Tyagi, Dr. Shivani Tyagi, Dr. Mamtesh


GC304: दिल्ली विश्वविद्यालय के कॉलेजों में भारत स्वच्छता अभियान का तुलनात्मक अध्ययन

PI: Dr. Srinivas Tyagi, Dr. Meena, Dr. Swati Shweta, Dr. Manju Khosla


GC305: DNA barcoding for grasses of Aravalli range in Delhi region and subsequent creation of database of DNA barcode information: An essential study for formulating future conservation strategies

PI: Dr. Aparajita Mohanty, Dr. Jasmeet Kaur Abat, Dr. Supreeti Das


GC306: Analysis of communication and research collaboration network among Delhi University Teachers

PI: Mr. Narendra Kumar, Ms. Sapna Malhotra, Ms. Chitra Rajora


Low cost and Novel - Integrated test, Measure and Analysis Station (ITMAS) for teaching and research: Advocacy for open resources: Paradigm changes for science and Mathematics education in India

PI: Dr. Vandana Luthra, Ms. Arshmeet Kaur, Dr. Aparna Joshi



GC201: A green chemistry approach to combat stress in an undergraduate Chemistry laboratory

PI: Dr. Indu Tucker Sidhwani, Dr. Sushmita Chowdhury, Dr. Veena Tucker

GC202: Solid waste management in and around the Gargi Campus

PI: Dr. Geeta Kichlu, Dr. Promila Kumar, Dr. Sangeeta Jerath

GC203: To deepen understanding of practices in 'ecological living': A multidisciplinary approach

PI: Dr. Monica Gupta, Ms. Aparna Joshi, Ms. Shailaja Modem

GC204: Enabling technologies for pine needles from a disastrous waste to multitude of applications: Energy, capacity building, employment and environmental benefits for Himalayan region

PI: Dr. Vandana Luthra, Dr. Geeta Mehta, Dr. Indu Dutt



GC102: Laser based cost effective set up for cell identification, characterization and separation

PI: Dr. Neelam Sachdeva, Dr. Alka Garg, Dr. Nisha Gupta

GC103: Daastan-e-Nisvaan (Stories of women)

PI: Dr. Chhaya Sawhney, Dr. Anjana Neira Dev, Dr. Veena Sharma, Dr. Shweta Mishra

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