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Pathfinder Projects


Winners: Sanskriti Trivedy, Chaitali Kohli

Title: Media constructed humour among Youth

Mentor: Dr. Ganesh Manjhi



Winner: Mallika Raj, Ishaa Uttam, Meghna Jain

Title: Menstruation Leave as a HR Policy – Impact and Solutions

Mentor: Dr. Mandakini Das and Ms. Aakriti Chaudhary


Winner: Chitrali Daw, Mehak Mehrotra, Aarushi Gupta

Title: Protecting Youth from Depression: The Need of the Hour

Mentor: Dr. Sangeeta Jerath and Dr. Geeta Kichlu


Winner: Nandana Pal Chowdhury

Title: From Waste to Essentials- A Green extraction of Limonene Oil from Waste Fruits Peels and Studying ts Larvicidal, Insect

Mentor: Dr. Tripti Kumari

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