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Pathfinder Projects


Pathfinder Award –Commerce

Topic: Impact of Telemedicine on Consumers, Medical Professionals, and Government Services in the Pandemic Era
Students: Deepti Narang, Prerna Rana, Yashika Kedia; B.Com (H) II Year
Mentors: Mr. Siddharth Rathore

Topic: Impact of Indian Election System on its Economic System and Growth
Students: Tripty Wig, Tripti Bansal, Radhika; B.Com II Year
Mentors: Dr. Manju Sahai, Dr. Varun Bhandari

Topic: Impact of Automation on Future of Work for Women
Students: Simran Kaur, Shreshtha Bhattacharya; B.Com III Year
Mentors: Ms. Mohini Rajput

Topic: An Empirical Study on Bank Frauds and Scams in India
Students: Karuna Aggarwal, Manomita Das; B.Com III Year
Mentors: Dr. Mandakini Das, Dr. Payal Jain


Pathfinder Award –Humanities

Topic: Educational Inequality during School Closure
Disha Peswani, Mehak Aggarwal, Niral Jain and Pretty Srivastava; Bachelor of Elementary Education III Year
Mentor: Dr. Jyoti Raina

Topic: Impact of COVID-19 on Democracies of the World
Students: Disha Peswani, Mehak Aggarwal, Niral Jain and Pretty Srivastava; B. 
A. (Hons.) Business Economics III Year
Mentor: Mr. Ganesh Manjhi

Pathfinder Award – Commerce

Topic: Advertisements on Social Networking Platforms and their Impact on Consumers' Buying Behaviours
Students: Chhavi Agarwal, Pragya Modi and Shruti Jain; B.Com (Hons.) II Year
Mentors: Dr. Mandakini Das and Dr. Payal Jain 


Pathfinder Award –Humanities

Topic: Health and Disability - A Problematic Equation?
Students: Afnan Mohammad and Aastha Singh; B. A. Prog. II Year
Mentor: Mr. Sahin Shah

Pathfinder Award – Commerce

Topic: Online Payment Failures and Profit of Commercial Banks under RBI Regulations
Students: Aditi, B. A. (Hons.) Economics II Year
Mentors: Mr. Ganesh Manjhi


Pathfinder Award –Humanities

Topic: Mitigating the Kashmir Conflict using the Prisoner’s Dilemma
Students: Mahuri Salpekar; B.B.E (Hons.) II Year
Mentor: Mr. Ganesh Manjhi

TopicEconomics of the #MeToo Movement
Anamika Pandey, Ananya Chhabra, Muskan Goel
Mentor: Mr. Siddharth Rathore

Pathfinder Award – Commerce

Topic: Climbing the Corporate Ladder: A Gender Analysis
Students: Yukti Nagpal, Shubhangi Srivastava
Mentors: Dr. Geeta Kichlu & Dr. Sangeeta Jerath

Topic: Beating the Curve and Fostering Innovation: A Study of Entrepreneurial Traits in Delhi University Students
Students: Kritika Baluja, Riya Shankar, Sikta Pandit
Mentors: Ms. Anjali Siwal


Pathfinder Award –Humanities

Topic: Menstrual Cups- Break the Taboo!
Aditi Chawla And Kanishka Singhal, B. A. (Hons.) Economics I Year
Mentor: Mr. Ganesh Manjhi

Topic: Negative impact of aluminium foil paper on youth's health and environment
Jayantika Kalani; B. A. (Prog.) III Year
Mentor: Mr. Ganesh Manjhi and Dr. Taruna Singh

Pathfinder Award – Commerce

Topic: Mitigating the Kashmir Conflict using the Prisoner’s Dilemma
Students: Mahuri Salpekar; B.B.E (Hons.) II Year
Mentors: Mr. Ganesh Manjhi

Pathfinder Award – Science

Topic: Effects of chemicals on stone monuments and ways to prevent the corrosion of monuments  
Students: Priyanda Giri, Dorothy Sachdeva And Shilpi Lamba; B. Sc. (Hons.) Chemistry II Year
Mentor: Dr Himani Chauhan and Dr. Chandana Mukherjee


Pathfinder Award –Humanities

Topic: Media Constructed Humour Among Youth
Chitali Kohli and Sanskriti Trivedy; B. A. (Prog.) II Year and B. A. (Hons.) Political Science II Year
Mr. Ganesh Manjhi

Pathfinder Award – Commerce

Topic: Protecting Youth from Depression
Students: Chitrali Daw, Mehak Mehrotra and Aarushi Gupta; B. Com. (Hons.) III Year
Mentors: Dr. Geeta Kichlu and Dr. Sangeeta Jerath

Topic: Menstrual Leave as a HR Policy – Impact & Solutions
Students: Mallika Raj, Isha Uttam and Meghna Jain; B. Com (Hons.) II Year
Mentors: Dr. Mandakini Das and Ms. Aakriti Chaudhry

Pathfinder Award – Science

Topic: From Waste to Essentials : A Green Extraction of Limonene Oil from Waste fruit peels to study its Nematicidal, Antifungal and Antibacterial Properties  
Students: Nandana Pal Chowdhury B. Sc. (Hons.) Chemistry III Year
Mentor: Dr. Tripati Kumar