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Principal’s Message

Welcome to Gargi College, situated at a very prime location of South Delhi. Gargi College has enjoyed an excellent academic reputation since its inception in 1967 and students continue to excel. It gives me immense pleasure to state that it has taken long strides and grown to more than 4000 students, 200 teachers, 21 under graduate and 3 post graduate courses, with the aim of providing quality Education to girls in all four streams namely science, commerce, humanities and education. College has a bioinformatics facility, state of art laboratories, ICT enabled class rooms, Wi-Fi Campus, Auditorium, Seminar Hall, Computerized Library and vast sports field. In short, it is equipped with every facility under one name.

Ours is a caring community where students’ needs are a priority and where traditional Indian and modern Western educational values are respected and encouraged to coexist.

The talented and dedicated students and faculty at Gargi have always played a vital role in making Gargi an institution par excellence. Gargi College has been honoured with Star College Status by Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India. Gargi College had its first cycle of assessment by NAAC and the college scored an ‘A’ grade in 2016. Our mission is to constantly strive to earn greater heights.

We at Gargi provide a sincere, compassionate, inspiring and stimulating environment in which our students swot and progress. We have 23 Cultural and Non-Cultural societies along with NCC and NSS, through which we provide them with a platform where they can take part in co-curricular activities. Our prime purpose is to provide an education which explores and strengthens the potential which is innate in every individual but awaiting expression.

I strongly hope that all students who join the Gargi fraternity will take it to still greater heights.

With best wishes

Prof. (Dr.) Promila Kumar

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