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Projects By Faculty

  • Dr. Madhu Yashpal

Bactericidal Properties and Mechanism of Actions of Plant-mediated synthesized Gold Nanoparticles

Funding agency: University Grants Commission, Government of India


  • Dr Supriya Singh

Title: Molecular Characterization of Human immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) & Impact of HLA on Viral Evolution.

Funding agency: University Grants Commission (UGC)


  • Anjana Neira Dev

Title: The Ganga in Indian Literature and Folklore

Funding Agency: Indian Council of Social Science Research


  • Dr Beena

Title: Design, SAR, docking studies and anticancer activity......

Funding agency: UGC- BSR


  • Mamtesh Singh

Title: Exploiting Bacillus, the microbial work-horse for biowaste utilization, biopolymer and biofuel production: Integrative and customised approach

Funding agency: DST SERB under ECR award scheme


  • Dr Sangeeta Bhatia

Title: The social world of adolescents: Cognitions of high risk behaviours in adolescents and mitigating effects of mindfulness meditation

Funding agency: ICSSR (Senior Research Fellowship)


  • Anjana Rustagi

Title: Revealing Mechanism and components of Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR) in Brassica juncea

Funding agency: SERB, DST


  • Supreeti Das

Title: Designing thermal nanofluids for efficent heat transfer

Funding Agency: UGC

  • Dr Aneeta Rajendran

Title: Narrative, Public Cultures and Visuality

Funding Agency: UGC

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