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Research at Gargi

The Gargi Pathfinder Award : The Gargi Pathfinder Award in the streams: Science, Commerce and Humanities has been instituted, to encourage research and innovation among our students. Contestants have to submit an original project guided and certified by a faculty supervisor and supplemented with audio- visual presentation to a panel of external, judges, followed by viva-voce. This Award is to promote originality and innovative spirit amongst undergraduate students. The students of the three streams put forward their ideas and after stringent selection are encouraged to research on their topics. This is cash cum certificate award, one each in Humanities, Commerce and Sciences. As individuals or in teams, contestants can present original research on significant issue, innovative business proposals or new scientific experiments. Details will be available on the college website.
This year’s award winners are:

Winners: Sanskriti Trivedy, Chaitali Kohli
Title: Media constructed humour among Youth
Mentor: Dr. Ganesh Manjhi

Winner: Mallika Raj, Ishaa Uttam, Meghna Jain
Title: Menstruation Leave as a HR Policy – Impact and Solutions
Mentor: Dr. Mandakini Das and Ms. Aakriti Chaudhary
Winner: Chitrali Daw, Mehak Mehrotra, Aarushi Gupta
Title: Protecting Youth from Depression: The Need of the Hour
Mentor: Dr. Sangeeta Jerath and Dr. Geeta Kichlu

Winner: Nandana Pal Chowdhury
Title: From Waste to Essentials- A Green extraction of Limonene Oil from Waste Fruits Peels and Studying its Nematicidal, Antifungal & Antibacterial properties.
Mentor: Dr. Tripti Kumari

Projects under Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility (BIF) Gargi College is one of the two colleges and the only Women’s college in University of Delhi to have BIF (funded by DBT). This facility has been ranked amongst the top five BIFs of undergraduate colleges in India. The lab is now focusing on virtual screening of flavonic and non- flavonic compounds to target PPAR-gamma as a therapeutic target for treating Diabetic nephropathy. Students of science streams are encouraged to do insilico based research projects alongwith their regular curriculum. This improves their bioinformatics skills and helps them to widen their horizons.

Projects under Star College Scheme
Gargi College was granted the STAR COLLEGE SCHEME in the year 2009 with an objective to inculcate scientific temper in Science Students and inspire them to take up higher studies in Sciences. This year various Student and Faculty enrichment programs were organized by the Science departments. Department of Chemistry organised a two day National Conference on "Combating Industrial Pollution for Sustainable Environment – A Fusion of Industrial and Scientific Efforts (CIPSE 2016)". The conference had five technical sessions which had invited lectures, oral presentations, panel discussion and a poster session. The conference witnessed
wide participation of teachers and students from various colleges and universities located in the NCR. Chemistry department also organized two inter college workshops, one for laboratory staff and the other for faculty members teaching the Skill Enhancement Course on Green Chemistry. Physics department organized i-Senso Robotics Workshop on 10th and 11 January, 2017 in association with E-cell o IIT Bombay and Robokart wherein our students learnt how to design robots using Arduino.
Department of Zoology organized a workshop on "It's in my genes: A molecular biology approach" on March 14th and 15th, 2017 to impart practical knowledge of laboratory equipments and molecular biology methods.
Department of Botany offered an ADD-ON course on "Role of Biotechnology in nvironment Management" under the Star College Scheme. The course comprised of lectures by eminent scientists like Prof. Indu Shekhar Thakur (School of Environmental Sciences, JNU), Dr. Radhey Shyam Sharma (Department of Environmental Studies, DU), Dr. Vandana Mishra (Department of Environmental Studies, DU) and Dr. Faiyaz A. Khudsar (Scientist In-charge, Yamuna BiodiversityPark). A field trip was organized for the students of the Add-on Course to Yamuna Biodiversity Park. Department of Microbiology organised an educational trip to Technology Based Incubator (TBI) facility at UDSC for the third year students was organized on the 30th September 2016 to familiarize them with the working of fermenters at industrial level. In addition to these, all the science departments are carrying out research projects funded by Star College Scheme. The students and faculty are actively engaged in carrying research and present results in conferences and seminars, thus getting an exposure to research environment outside their institution as well.