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Rules and Regulations

  • Ordinance –XV -B : Maintenance of Discipline among students of the University
  • Ordinance –XV-C : Prohibition of Punishment for Ragging
  • Ordinance XV-D : Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace


Attendance and Internal Assessment

Attendance Requirements Gargi College strictly follows the ordinance laid down by the University of Delhi on attendance requirement as prerequisite for taking the semester/annual examination. Hence admission seekers and their guardians are requested to make a note of this. Please note the following:

  • Attendance will be marked from the opening day of the college.
  • You are not allowed to join any additional course/job during college hours.
  • Compulsory attendance of 66.6% is required in the total for all courses in Theory/ Practical/Tutorial Classes as per rules laid down by the University of Delhi. Those who fail to secure the mandatory attendance will be DETAINED in the semester/final examination. All short of attendance details will be available with course/department in-charge as well as college website. Individual letters will not be sent. Marks will be given to those whose attendance is more than 66.6%.
  • Medical Certificates/reports with the prescribed medical leave application form (available in the college office) should be submitted within a week of rejoining college after illness, duly signed by the subject teachers. Certificates submitted late will not be accepted.
  • Admission seekers who have health problems that may require timely medical intervention are requested to intimate the college in advance regarding action to be taken in an emergency.
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