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SAMARTH- The Enabling Unit

SAMARTH- The Enabling Unit of Gargi College was established in the year 2015, under the U.G.C. guidelines which mandates the existence of such a body in every college that constitutes to be a part of the University of Delhi. The unit works for the welfare of the Persons With Disability (PWD) with the sole purpose of safeguarding the rights and tapping the potential of the learners with disability. It is comprised of a dual structure, wherein, the first section is made up of learners with disability in college. The second section, is of the students who participate voluntarily to create an inclusive psycho-social environment in college.


Every activity that the enabling unit performs is based on the following objectives:

1. To promote equity and ensure "Equality of Opportunity" for the persons with disability. .
2. Sensitize people towards the needs of the persons with disability and work towards creating a non-competetive inclusive society that is collaborative and non-hierarchical.
3. To spread awareness about the rights of the persons with disability.
4. To look at disability as a social construct that through stereotypes and biases creates negatives experiences for persons with disability.
5. To promote an inclusive and barrier free physical environment in college.
To design programs that can in concrete ways address the needs of persons with disability.
6. To ensure that all policies and programs for the welfare of the PWDs are implemented efficiently.


1) Organizing workshops and events on regular basis on the issues pertaining to the PWD learners.
2) Ensuring individual support for each PWD learners through a buddy system.
2) Ensuring accessibility in the academic and co curricular arenas by providing required materials and conducting inclusive events.
3) Promoting inclusivity by providing assistance and conducting workshops. ( Eg. Workshop on Indian Sign Language etc.)

Contact us : gargicollegesamarthenablinguni@gmail.com

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