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Being strong proponents of increasing knowledge by sharing it, the society has always worked to create synergies of skills and increase the pool of knowledge pertaining to the field of Marketing Management, create a 360 degree exposure and build expertise in this area, of anyone who comes in contact with the society and always keep its eyes on maintaining the name of Gargi College as one of the front-runners among the best performing colleges of University of Delhi, under all circumstances. WE ARE DOING WHAT IS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE! WHAT ELSE MAKES US DIFFERENT? The WORKING is divided in three parallels:
  • Ad Week
  • Case-study Week
  • Marketology Week
  FOUNDERS: Vidushi Bhalla, Navtej Marwaha (BBE-Final Year, Gargi College, University of Delhi Followed by Face to Face event and/or holding competitive events.
  • The feature of DIVERSITY- is what differentiates us. The society has an equal fixed number for committee and head positions for each stream- Arts, Science and Commerce.
  • Another differentiation which we are most proud of- EQUAL OPPORTUNITY, implies that the society shall be eager to help in terms of resources or knowledge or guidance to everyone, whether they are a member or an audience to the society for any competitive event, or exams, or to satisfy the curiosity in general.
Round the clock, 24x7.
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