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Northeast Society

The Northeast Society of Gargi College was formed in March 2018 with an aim to integrate and promote students from the 8 states of Northeast India. The society aspires to create a platform that will enable in manifesting the uniqueness and diversity of the region. It also strives to spread awareness among people especially the college fraternity about the lesser known cultures of the region. Thus bring more understanding and cohesiveness amongst students and faculties of the college and beyond.
To attain these goals, the society takes initiatives to conduct various exposures in the form of talks, exhibitions, cultural performances and competitions. Every academic session a cultural festival Me̍lange  is held displaying the rich cultural diversity of the region through songs, dances, ethnic attires and cuisines which attracts a lot of audience. Presently, there 14 teaching faculty members and around 130 students from Northeast at Gargi college.

Events & Achievements

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