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Public and Media Relations

We at PMR nurture today's young minds in the creative and offbeat line of event management. We conduct two major annual events of the college, the Diwali Mela named ZISTATVA and our College Festival named REVERIE.

We manage everything concerned with these two events, be it as small as hammering a nail on the tents or as major as the title sponsors of the fest. PMR puts in all the hearts of dedication and minds of creativity towards making them a success, and as a result, GARGI has been able to secure its position in DU’s top 10 fests, with all the amour-propre!

ZISTATVA, is Delhi's biggest Diwali festival where an overwhelming number of brands display their stalls. We are always soaring as high as a kite and surprise our visitors with convivial events like Dandiya and similar fun Indian stuff, which kindles the fire of enthusiasm in the public. Zistatva revolves around manifesting the eminence of our Westernised Hindustani culture. The youthful crowd flaunts their best Indian attires and accessories that day.

REVERIE, a day dream, and indeed yes, experiencing Reverie is like living a dream in matter. It is one magnificent three days fest that witnesses crowd from all over the capital. Food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food is the principle for this one place where people come with the cardinal purpose of satisfying their gastronomical demands. A flurry of snazzy accessories and jollifying games start the adventure here and the rest is as high-minded and theatrical as ever! Profoundly modern and exaggerated with lots of vibrant fun and ultimate scrumptious dining experience, this festival witnesses a footfall as high as 10k. There’s a special arena defined for the mini-vans and food trucks. Nostalgia hits the visitors at the very sight of the colossal decor that they start to reminisce the magnificent regal waves of Delhi. There is also a huge space decked out for dancing and DJs. Every year, stalwarts of the entertainment industry give their high adrenaline performances and demystify charisma for us, which is probably the most special and stellar part of the fest. The overall mystical urban shine which is So Delhi definitely enthralls nightlife lovers. The food and hues exchange has every visitor coming back for more.