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The English Debating Society of Gargi College now in the 13th year since its inception has grown to be one of the most active societies of the College. This year the society has performed fairly well, winning prizes at prestigious debates, both in the parliamentary as well as the conventional format. The society organized a number of events throughout the year. The Conventional Debate organized in association with The Center for Societal Research and the Annual Fresher’s Conventional Debate attracted huge participation. The members of the society were Octofinalist speakers at the National Law University Delhi’s Parliamentary Debate, quarterfinalist speakers at The National Parliamentary Debates organized by Kirori Mal College and Ramjas. Adjudicators from the society won prizes at various competitions. They were finals adjudicators at IP College’s Parliamentary Debate and Sportech Parliamentary Debating Tournament at IIT-Delhi, quarterfinalist adjudicators at the Parliamentary Debates organized by Sri Venkateswara College, St. Stephens College, Ramjas, Punjab Engineering College and Octofinalist adjudicators at IIT-Bombay’s Parliamentary Debate and National Law University Delhi’s tournament. QED has won around 22 prizes in Conventional Debates organized by colleges like LSR, Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Jindal Global Law School, and Kamala Nehru College among others. QED participated in more than 18 National Parliamentary debates in the country and numerous Conventional Debates as well. Through regular mock debates and workshops the members of the society aim to imbibe knowledge that will equip them to perform well at Tournaments. The society will organize its Annual National Parliamentary Debating Tournament – Wax Eloquent from 7th to 10th March, with an expected turnout of more than 35 Teams from across the country.