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Quilluminati, the English Creative Writing Society, is a safe haven for writers to unleash their passion or just write for the sake of writing. We are a diverse crew, including poets, prose writers and slam poets, and anyone who wants to write in any medium is welcome. We take the image of the solitary writer in a basement and imbue it with lively discussion, laughter, and feedback to strengthen your pen and encourage you to always try out something new through organizing workshops

Our members over the years have made their name in most colleges of Delhi University and outside DU as well, ranging from IIT Kanpur to the Delhi Poetry Festival. For three years, we have been successful in putting up an annual society fest, Rhetorica, where we invite speakers to expound on topics of interest and have creative writing competitions and booths for writing-related entertainment, all organized and managed by our members. Most recently, we had Kamla Bhasin, the renowned feminist and writer, as our speaker, and introduced participants to blackout poetry.

The achievements of our members during 2017-18 include:

  1. Albeena Alvi: 1st in LSR B. A. Programme's creative writing
  2. Pavini Suri: 3rd in Reverie Creative Writing
  3. Kirti Wadhwa: 2nd in the blackout poetry competition at Dialectica(Philosophy fest of Gargi College)
  4. Sarah Jalil: 2nd in the LitSoc's Creative Writing Competition
  5. Nashra Usmani: 2nd in Creative Writing at Mushaira (Hindu College)
  6. Manasi Chandra: 2nd in the story completion competition at CVS; 1st in Creative Writing in Kamla Nehru College
  7. Shubhra Awasthy: 1st in Slam Poetry at Kamala Nehru College, Dialectica, SGTB Khalsa; 2nd in IIT Kanpur's creative writing competition
  8. Tavleen Singh: 1st in Tabula Rasa (the creative writing competition of Hansraj College); 3rd in Words Words Everywhere (LSR), and IIT Kanpur's creative writing competition.
  9. Aqsa Ashraf: 3rd in CVS creative writing competition; 1st in IIT Kanpur's creative writing competition.

Apart from these, Kirti Wadhwa got her poem published in Kaafiya magazine and received a special mention at the Delhi Poetry Festival.

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