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Teacher Convenor: Ms Pragya Gupta

Mission Statement

Quilluminati, the English Creative Writing Society of Gargi College, is a home for budding writers who come together to hone their flair for creative expression. Apart from helping foster the creative spirit of its members, Quilluminati works towards a wide variety of surrounding causes such as promoting inclusivity and gender sensitivity, increasing political awareness, teaching important professional skills and contributing towards a sustainable environment.


We are a diverse crew where writers across genres connect to help each other improve and grow through workshops, competitions and constructive feedback. Quilluminati is not only known for its writers but also for the warm space we all build together to embrace an art form as intimate as writing.

If you find yourself weaving words out of thin air, if your days feel like prose and your nights are poetry, then Quilluminati is where you belong. Every year, we organize our annual creative writing festival – Penorama – where events pertaining to writing and slam poetry competitions bring together writers across colleges and universities.


Over the years, we have had the fortune to host renowned personalities like Dr. Ruth Vanita, celebrated academic and co-founder of ‘Manushi’ - India’s first feminist magazine, Dr. Payal Nagpal, a professor of English and author of ‘Shifting Paradigms in Culture’, Ms. Japleen Pasricha, a feminist poet and founder of ‘Feminism in India’, Dr. Kamla Bhasin, noted Indian poetess and social scientist, Vikramaditya Sahai, a queer activist popularly known as “Vqueeram” and more such imminent personalities to speak on our annual fest.



From Quill’s conception till 2022, our members have bagged several prizes in inter and intra-college creative writing and poetry competitions. The works of our members have been published on platforms like LiveWire, The Remnant Archive and Ayaskala Magazine among others. They have also contributed to the literary magazines of other colleges like Siyasat (Hindu College), BlueQuill (Miranda House College), Abhivyanjana (Motilal Nehru College), Principia (Sri Venkateswara College) etc. From performing slam poetry at Reverie, the Gargi annual fest to wrapping up the year with a heartfelt piece at the Farewell, Quilluminati leaves its mark through words that matter.