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Do you think you know it all?

Are all your friends tired of you listing whacky facts? Do you have a knack of knowing everything that's happening around you? Do you feel the chosen one when it comes to fandom life?

The fandoms, the science, the video games, the music, the celebrities, the politics.  It’s all in your mind!

Quizzito, The Quiz Society seeks to recognize underrated talent and polish skills to make a great quizzer.

Apart from HighQ, our annual inter-college fest, we host many inter-college quizzes and discussions regularly. We also host a quiz on the college's annual fest, Reverie.

Some of our achievements are:

  • 1st Prize in Gargi Olympiad
  • 2nd Prize in Summer Of Seasons, MAIT
  • 3rd Prize in Unconventional Quiz, Gargi
  • 3rd Prize in Jaipuria Quiz League
  • 2nd Prize in Ramanujan College
  • 3rd Prize in Shaheed Rajguru College of Commerce
  • 3rd Prize at Amity University

Quizzing has no boundaries. We welcome students from all fields and courses in the college. Our motive is to encourage students to tinkle their curiosity and to use their hobbies in a productive way.

Events & Achievements