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Weज्ञानम्: The research wing of Scintillation

Weज्ञानम्, The Research Wing of Scintillation

 Weज्ञानम्, The Research Wing of Scintillation, with an inspiration to work towards developing scientific temperament, provides a platform for the students to explore Science. Weज्ञानम् bring science enthusiasts together to indulge in interdisciplinary arena. The motivation is to expand the horizon of research at undergraduate level. Weज्ञानम्, also caters the need for outreach programs and contribute to the science popularization agenda of Vigyan Prasar.
The logo of Weज्ञानम् symbolizes the qualities of inquisitiveness, intuition, and intellectual growth. The color conveys excitement, warmth, enthusiasm, and social invitation representing the 'WE' of Weज्ञानम् Triangle has a strong association with power and science i.e., Vigyaan.

  • Founding Members


[B.Sc Zoology (H), Batch 2020-2023]
Ms. Divyanshi Chauhan
Ms. Smriti Verma
Ms. Aarti Venkatesan
Ms. Bisma Khan

Teacher Coordinators

Department of Zoology
Dr. Madhu Yashpal
Dr. Kuntal Kalra
Dr. Shivani Tyagi (TIC)
Department of Botany
Dr. Reema Mishra
Dr. Renu Soni
Department of Chemistry
Dr. Himani Chauhan,
Dr. M. Sarath Babu
Department of Mathematics
Dr. Vidya Sagar
Ms. Farheen
Department of Microbiology
Dr. Indra Mani
Dr. Kriti Tyagi
Department of Physics
Dr. Archana Tripathi
Ms. Mansi Aggarwal
B.Sc (P) Life Sciences
Dr. Anjana Rustogi
Dr. Samira Chugh


Inauguration of Wegyanam