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The Student Council 2022-23
The Student Council of Gargi College is a democratically elected body of the institution which was brought into existence in the year 1971. Since then, many impeccable and meritorious students have graced the halls and corridors of this institution, filling in for these great positions of responsibilities with utmost grace and humility.
The selection of the Student Council is facilitated via a highly democratic process involving participation of the entire student community who vote for the deserving candidates in accordance to their understanding.
The main functioning of the Student Council includes working along the tangent of student community welfare and grievance redressal, acting as a bridge between the administration and the student community and most importantly working as the representatives of the same and acting as the binding force between individuals in the time of need.
The Council conducts all major college events such as Freshers, Farewell, Annual Day,etc., but most importantly, Gargi’s highly awaited and biggest event of the year, ‘Reverie- The Gargi College Fest’, which is widely renowned and celebrated amongst the student community of the entire University of Delhi.
The Student Council for the academic year 2022-23 consists of; The President, Stream-wise Vice-Presidents, Cultural Secretary, Treasurer, General Secretary, Stream-wise Proctors and The Sports President.
The Student Council aims at being at the service of the student community who have chosen them as their representatives and have placed the responsibility and honour of acting as their voice. With the said responsibility being bestowed upon The Council, we aim to act as the harbingers of change and novelty to this institution whilst adding another feather of glory and acclamation to its already existing hat of achievements. We aim at ensuring and improving inclusivity, tolerance and willingness to hear ideas and perspectives of each and every individual who is a part of the Gargi community by providing them a platform for discourse in true sense and by being there for them, whilst establishing smooth functioning of the institution for the year to come.

Constitution of the Gargi college Student's Union -2008-2009

President's Message

Gargi College was named after a great female philosopher of ancient India, Gargi Vachaknavi, one of the first few feminists known to the world at the time. Named after such a fascinating and honorary personality, the institution tries to imbibe the essence of the same more and more with each passing year and it being a part of our legacy is what we value and honour the most.
Gargi has always been an institution which proudly sits as one of the jewels of University of Delhi and it fills my heart with extreme joy that I got an opportunity to be a part of this exemplary institution, a place which has given me more than I could have ever expected or imagined.
Gargi is a home to many, it is a place where people have found their people, a place where people have found their purpose and is a place where people have found themselves. An institution which acts like a mirror that shows one their true potential and empowers them to achieve it in many known and unknown ways alike, whose task of exploration I’ll leave up to you all.
Gargi offers a perfect blend of academic as well co-curricular opportunities and makes an individual ready for the world outside the comfort and safety of these red walls. Individuals who have walked these red corridors of Gargi, having a certain bleak aroma signifying its uniqueness and humbleness, have turned out to be some of the most polished and successful individuals of the society making our alumni network stronger than ever and us prouder than ever. It gives us immense pride to know that our students are excelling in various diverse fields and are carving their name on the pages of history. The credit for the same should be given to the environment Gargi aims at embodying and facilitating, through its various and absolutely brilliant cultural and non-cultural societies, teaching community and most importantly through the student community whose diverse opinions, thoughts and perspective and willingness to be a part of the conversation makes it a place ever striving for betterment and achieving the said eminence it is very known for.
Gargi’s students have always had a special relationship with its ever beautiful red walls. These classic red walls are not just an aesthetic background for students’ photographs but rather are the walls which have seen the journey of this institution and of each one of its students, from their incubation to their rise in the world, and I believe it is safe to say, that it will continue to do so for immeasurable years to come.
As the Student Council President, I want you all to know that I am here for you all and will always be, and shall try my best to honour the responsibility and privilege that has been given to me.
I assure you all that I will try my very best to ensure that each and every individual belonging to this institution feels comfortable and at home within the walls of Gargi and are provided with all the opportunities that it has to offer in addition to the empowerment, motivation and appreciation that you all deserve.
I wish to contribute whatever I can within my capacity to make your time enjoyable here, with the hope that in future when you’ll look back, you will fondly remember the time that you have spent here, as a part of the Gargi Community.

Aditi Singh
Student Council (2022-23)


Dr. Sheela Dubey
Dr. Niyati Singh
Dr. Seema Sharma


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Students’ Council 2021-22
President: Aditi Singh (B.A. Honours - Economics, 3rd Year)
Vice President: Arts - Srishti Gupta (B.A. Program), Science - Harshita Kaushik (B.Sc. Program Physical Science)
General Secretary: Muskan Sahu (B.Com Honours, 3rd Year)
Cultural Secretary: Tareeshi Mittal (B.Sc. Honours - Mathematics, 3rd Year)
Treasurer: Amrita Kaur (B.A. Honours - Political Science)
Proctor: Arts - Apurva Singh (B.A. Program), Commerce - Ishita Chaudhary (B.Com. Honours), Science - Pracheta Chauhan (B.Sc. Program Physical Science)
Sports President: Kanika Tyagi (B.Sc. Honours Zoology)
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