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The Students’ Council consists of a team of fourteen dedicated members along with the President. The selection of members takes place through an elaborate, democratic process involving participation of the entire student body who vote for the deserving candidates. The Council mainly works around the areas of Discipline, Management , service to Students and addressing their grievances. All elected members belong to diverse streams and courses ,thus making the nature of the council very inclusive of varied thoughts and ideas .They act as the harbingers of change and novelty. The Council along with the Public Relations Team, an extension of the the association, works to host Gargi’s most awaited and biggest event of the year, ‘Reverie- the College fest’. The Students’ Council 2018-19 aims at expanding the sense of duty by involving several sub-teams in the smooth functioning of College all year round.

President's Message

As you enter the alleyways of this institution, you shall observe the efforts, hard work and endeavours of each member of college. With each passing day we, at Gargi, evolve as a family, as a team , as a college and most importantly as humans. We all step closer to a self actualised sense of being in these three years. Gargi provides responsible students who turn out to be self sufficient professionals in the world. Our endeavour is to produce empathetic, creative and sensitive individuals.

The college also provides opportunities for experiential learnings. Its renowned cultural and non cultural societies become the cynosure of major headlines and University fests. Dedicated and selfless service to the society is provided by the diligent efforts of NSS, NCC, Enactus and Rotaract Club of Gargi College. Each department actively conducts fests and workshops to provide an exposure to all interest students and create an interdisciplinary environment.

Keeping in mind the challenges faced by students, mental health awareness activities are actively pursued by the college. Izhaar, an initiative of psychology department works towards empowering students to face difficult times with resilience. I, on behalf of the entire student body encourage you to catch hold of every phenomenal opportunity that comes your way and welcome you to the vibrant and vivacious life of Gargi College. Looking forward to working with and for you all.

Divya Sihag


Student's Council 2018-19

Dr. Sheela Dubey
Dr. Niyati
Dr. Seema Sharma
Dr.Payal Jain

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President Divya Sihag
Vice President Arts Dakshiani Bhan
Vice President Commerce Pratishtha Mittal
Vice President Science Srishti Bishnoi
General Secretary Simran Arora
Cultural Secretary Lakshita Arora
Treasurer Preeti Aggrawal
Public Relations Officer Poorva Bajaj
Sports President Simran Obhrai
Sports Captain Arts Bhawna Yadav
Sports Captain Commerce Kanica Batra
Sports Captain Science Surbhi Saraswat
Proctor Arts Kriti Verma
Proctor Commerce Gargie Mahajan
Proctor Science Sundaram Thakur
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